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Bubby Chanele Gonshor, of Montreal, Canada, visits her granddaughter in Berkeley, California, and teachers her how to make Geflite Fish in Yiddish.

  • she's so cute!!!! i love her!

  • Wonderful! What a fantastic Bubby. Makes me miss mine.

  • Nanny, when will the gefilte fish be ready?!

  • oy Frayda - a true eyshes chayil. What a joy to watch Bubby Chanele :)



  • Fabulous! Love you Bubby Chanele. xoxo

  • My Mouth is watering... Bubby Chanele, you are ADORABLE!

    Hugs and Knishes to you.

  • What I love about this is the Yiddish spoken ..... I miss hearing it

  • Bubby Chanele, Betty White has nothing on you.

  • bubby chana - you are the best!

    Both of my children: Eliane (28 months) and Jonathan (10 months) as well as Dani and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your gefilte fish.

    You are the BEST!

    And to have 545 hits in youtube - what an accomplishment - you are a true star!

    Frayda - you should see how you can connect this video to her other yiddish songs videos that dani posted on youtube (I think if we will both use the same tag lines it will come up) - she will be a REAL HIT!

    Liat Goldstein

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My Cousins make the best fried gefite fish in the world. Once you've tried this you'll never eat from a jar again!

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Granny Bella teaches us how to make her famous gefilte fish. Yum!

  • A beautiful video. This looks delicious. Thank you!

  • Nice. I dig. This is the first video I've seen of someone baking the fish. Thanks for posting.

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receta de cocina judeo-española-jewish spanish recipe

  • Gran vídeo. Me encanta la pasta! Voy a tener que probar la receta.

  • Me encantó la receta; voy a probarla :-)

  • tiene una pinta estupenda

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