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Catharsis "The Story of a Survivor's Art"

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It is Irving Belfer's tragic past that has made him who he is today. He is a fun loving, joke making, 92 year old man who loves showing off what he is capable of doing. Much like a child, Mr. Belfer reaches out to those who will listen.

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  • We need to respect and honor this gentlemans wishes. A home needs to be found for this unique collection of historical art pieces. Let us never forget the survivors and their families.

  • I checked and apparently his 400 items of miniature buildings, handmade memorabilia and personal artifacts to be housed in a building that is being constructed at the Jewish Educational Trade School (JETS) in Granada Hills. The building is not yet complete, but the items are stored safely until it opens.

  • I did some research and found that he did marry and had a daughter. Don't know why there is no mention of this either pre or post video. He died in January of this year. His wife of 48 years predeceased him 9 years ago. He is also survived by two grandchildren and two

    greatgrandchildren. By their names, it sounds as if some may have made aliyah, or they could just be very religious. By watching the video, you would never know he had another family.

  • Nobody mentions that he obviously didn't marry again and had no children. It is sad to think that this very gifted man lived such a lonely life. His only happiness was in what he made, but everything he made was a monument to those he lost. Yes, he will be remembered, but he could have had a happier life. What a beautifully sad story. At least his creations will live on.

  • What a beautiful soul.

  • Thank you for allowing this touching legacy to live on.

  • Good to know,that all items are stored safely ,thanks...

  • You're so right!!

    Does any one know what happened to all the unique artifacts

  • This video literally blew me away. My surname is BELFER. My father's parents came from Kiev, Russia, to Toronto, Canada before the First World War. My dad, Jack, (d.June 2009)and his older brother, Sammy, were both born in Toronto, whereas his three older sisters, Sarah, Becky, and Annie were born in Russia. I am so sorry that I did not see this video before Mr. Belfer died, as I would have very much like to have spoken with him to find a family connection. I will visit this amazing collection.

  • NOTHING is as important in this world than how you are remembered. Mr. Belfer will certainly be remembered forever as a warm, talented, gentle soul who suffered greatly and unjustly for no reason at all. The rest of us can just be grateful that someone like him walked the planet with us.

    Maya Angelou said: People will forget what you said, and they will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel.....

    RIP, Mr. Belfer

  • Mr. Belfer passed away January of this year.

  • Please, someone tell me his work has been preserved, that someone gathered his precious collection and got it into a museum....I wish there was some way to KNOW it is safe.

  • I love you, Irving Belfer! Precious soul, precious man. My heart breaks for you.

    Please God, honor his request for a museum, for he was a great and honorable man who loved You.


  • My sweet Israeli friend who lost everyone but her parents in the Holocaust sent me this <3 my Lord how sweet ! tears

  • What a mind-boggling experience this video has been for me. Irving's works must hind a permanent home for the rest of the world to see and appreciate.

  • GOD touches our lives in so many different ways. This kind loving soul has touched the deepest part of our being...he may not know, but he is one of Gods wonderful messengers.

  • it is impossible to see this without crying.

  • This video made me cry., it was amazing. He is wonderful and deserves to have his work in a museum for everyone to see and enjoy.

  • What a gentle, holy man! He wove goodness around evil destruction. I don't have the words to articulate the greatness in his soul.

  • This is so moving, I cried almost the whole time.

  • Amazing!

  • Irving, this art should be given to Yad Va Shem where it will remain forever, as this is part of our history which you depicted in your work. G-d Bless you and Kol Am Israel

  • Mr. Belfer devoted his all life to commomerate Shoah/Holocaust and its victims.

    What a wonderful warm man with a purest soul.

    His american flag and some other of his art pieces, should be in the White House, forever.

    He passed away, at age 98.

  • This video should be included in a school program so that this young generation will witness the reality of the horrors of the holocaust. We can only hope that with exposure to survivors' stories, the young will never permit bigotry and hatred to rule their lives.

  • Of course I'm crying and writing!


  • very moving

  • Very sad AND very beautiful !! He used his time on earth in a most meaningful way !

  • he is an artist with a beautiful soul.

  • We need to respect and honor this gentlemans wishes. A home needs to be found for this unique collection of historical art pieces. Let us never forget the the survivors and their families.

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