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ISRAEL: la Armada israelí controla las fronteras marítimas parcialmente con lanchas sin tripulación .Invento israelí

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Elbit Systems has developed an unmanned naval vessel for maritime patrol missions equipped with a weapon station as well as observation and communication systems, which is capable of autonomous operation in ranges up to 500 km. Called "Silver Marlin", the USV is designated for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions, force protection/anti-terror missions, anti-surface and anti-mine warfare, search and rescue missions, port and waterway patrol as well as electronic warfare.

The Silver Marlin is a second generation USV and differs from those developed to date.
While most currently available USVs are remote-controlled, the Silver Marlin is an autonomous USV. The second generation Silver Marlin is fully capable of performing complete missions independently, such as: departing and returning to homeport and maintaining an observation point.

The autonomous system is designed for optimal performance on low-level control activities such as optimal turning rate, optimal speed for fuel consumption, and accurate sailing and navigation with cruise sensors and stabilization systems to prevent capsizing. It has an adaptive feature, capable of self-tuning the control system in response to environmental or mission changes.

Elbit Systems took advantage of mission management systems originally developed for UAVs and modified them for the USV naval system, to overcome marine-related communication and LOS barriers. Elbit Systems is also developing an obstacle avoidance system for the Silver Marlin. In addition, the company is currently developing the Autonomous Helmsman system: an expert system using heuristic methods for autonomous high-level decision making, which will allow a completely external intervention-free mission operation.

Elbit Systems is a leading company for unmanned platforms development worldwide. Its UAVs are in-service all over the globe and the award-winning AvantGuard unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) executes security missions using an autonomous program.

Elbit Systems was able to deliver an advanced product in a short period of time because it is a multi-faceted and integrated company having unique experience and exploits a high-level of intra-company cooperation


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