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MOSCU: Jovenes rusos bailan de improviso en la calle mientras nieva. GRANDIOSO !!!!!

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I'm a 51 year-old man and this made me cry! So beautiful!!! I live in the US, and this is the "Evil Empire" that DC told us for decades wanted to destroy us? Sorry DC, they look like a bunch of people who like us, just want to be happy and share happiness. BEAUTIFUL! :) Rock on Russians, ya'll got it! :)

Jones60100 19 hours ago 17

This is wonderful. Too bad our young people here are too interested in looting and complaining and don't get together and do something like this!! What a burst of happiness they could create for themselves and others.

megel61 1 day ago

Dude... THIS is a joyful display of music by a large group of smiling dancers... you might want to look elsewhere for videos of pale folks who are all piss-faced because their panties get bunched up over the existence of brown skinned people...this ain't one of 'em!

GenieBurlesque in reply to SAVETHECHILDREN6592 (Show the comment) 7 minutes ago

Soviet Russia there no is more than 20 years. Wake up!

sibiriak1000 in reply to excel2037 (Show the comment) 18 minutes ago

Well I'm from LA...I clearly couldn't survive that weather. And I don't speak Russian or Chinese or Finnish or anything like that... but uh...yeah....what's your point again?

GenieBurlesque in reply to therealcapecodbob (Show the comment) 22 minutes ago

In non-Soviet Russia, flash mobs are allowed... awesome.

excel2037 26 minutes ago

Who is evil and who is not, depends on the point of view, gentlemen, "politics." With the Russian point of view, the U.S. is more evil than all the dictators of the world. All the dictators of the world together, not killed so many innocent people as they destroyed the pursuit of "good" purposes, your empire of "good" (USA). What should I do? Impunity corrupts.

sibiriak1000 31 minutes ago

  • Lets not get stupid after one flash dance. Ask yourself this...who do you know that wants to move to Russia? Now the 2nd question...is anybody from Russia wanting to come to the U.S.?

    Why is this?

  • great video. I agree with the response that it is not the people that were called evil but the government and that may still be true.

  • Yes but look who called them "Evil" the US. After the trillions of rip off to ordinary people - who is really Evil ???? And the US government has done nothing to jail these Corporate rip-off artists OR passed any laws so it can't happen again.

  • Great to see Russians dancing to tune by American composer Irving Berlin in 1929, and in using"flash mob" format - first created by American Bill Wasik in New York in 2003. Большой видеть русских плясать под дудку американского композитора Ирвинга Берлина в 1929 году, и в использовании "флэш-моб" формате - впервые создан американской Билл Wasik в Нью-Йорке в 2003 году.

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