lunes, 15 de julio de 2013


An Alpine Coaster with no brakes!

 A jaw dropping, high-speed, brakeless journey
down the mountain. This Austrian downhill
coaster is terrifying. The coaster, located in
Mieders, Austria, starts at the top of a mountain
and is reachable by a cable car. It's pretty simple:
single pipe, single person, single giant sloping,
winding hill. But through hundreds of pine trees
whizzing past you on tight banked curves and it
gets a bit scarier. Oh, and try not to hit the brake
 too hard... Oh, I forgot... there are no brakes!

Insane Downhill Bike Race In Chile

 I have seen insanity and it happens on the streets
of Valparaiso, Chile. The Valparaiso Cerro Abajo
Race is a legendary urban bike race and is more
extreme than skydiving. The rider must brave jumps,
stray dogs, and flights of stairs along the steep
downhill path. The first person perspective
 provided by the excellent helmet cam lets us
take in every glorious and frightening detail.

Probably The Most Craziest
Man In The World:

Extreme BASE jumper and wingsuit pilot, Jeb Corliss,
has created a new video of his exhilarating wingsuit
flight called Grinding the Crack using multiple cameras
for the ultimate viewing experience. His top speed in
this particular flight was an amazing 122 mph.

Probably the most talked about moment in Jeb Corliss's
latest video, "Grinding the Crack," occurs when a man
 holding balloons dives to the left as Corliss flies
dangerously close to him, and the ground.

The dive is the holy crap moment in the video when
something quick and seemingly unexpected happens.
The other moments—Corliss flying through a canyon
 at more than 100 miles per hour, brushing tree
branches with his arms, and keeping his body still as
he zips dangerously close to the ground—elicit a more
general sense of awe that builds while watching.   

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